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About Me

Hey guys! Welcome to my personal blog! My name is Kimberly Banks, full time Realtor at Lloyd And Associates Real Estate Group and venturing into the world of investing! I also love home organization, interior designing and home décor that turns a dull space into a unique stunning piece of art. I am full of creativity and talents with a brain that surpasses the norm. I love helping others achieve their goals in finding the perfect home to transform into a dream home. It’s the simple things that can change someone’s life. I have been writing for years and my passion and drive for entrepreneurship is what also encouraged me to start this blog. Creating this space is designed to help and teach others through my experiences, knowledge and future endeavors which bring me great joy. I’m so thankful and blessed for the amount of support I am getting. I’m super passionate about what I do and why I do it. So please consider this a safe place to visit, be you, have fun, make new friends, share your thoughts and learn not just from me but from everyone here. XOXO

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